TobyVictoria has developed a totally new artistic process connected to universal life force and light energies. As Victoria works on the drawings from their photos, her clients begin receiving spiritual healing energies that enhance, strengthen, balance and soothe their energy fields by clearing blocks and negativities. When the drawing is completed and blessed, their body’s innate natural healing mechanisms have been activated and their well-being noticeably improved.

Each drawing depicts the nature and pattern of light energy that catalyzed the subject’s healing. Victoria begins by sketching the figure of the client, and then begins to draw streams of energy flow in accordance with her intuitive and higher guidance. She almost always enhances her client's crown and heart connections, and she sometimes purposely directs energy flow in particular ways based on her clients' needs. Once the drawing is finished, it is usually apparent what areas of the body, organs, and energy centers (chakras). The ribbons and curves show energy flow and the starbursts display energy focus.

Her healing drawings have successfully renewed the health of many animals, and Victoria has recently expanded her work to include humans, who have received equivalent benefits. Results last for varying time frames, depending on overall physical status. In many cases even temporary benefits can make a critical difference, and if benefits wane, the drawings can often be recharged through intention, crystals, candles and other ceremonies.

If you would like Victoria to create a personalized energy drawing for you, select from the list below: